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Welcome to the Training and Advancement study page for Aviation Mechanics. It is my goal to provide comprehensive resources for my Shipmates both Active and Reserve.

I am AM1 John Logsdon and I have over 14 years of experience in the training field. I hope that by passing along some of the things I have learned it will enhance personal growth as well as professional knowledge. I have long been frustrated that there were no sites available to study for things like rating exams or Enlisted Air Warfare Specialist and other qualifications.

Below you will find links to several sites related to these areas. Most are official Navy sites and may require you to request access, if you do not already have it. You will also need to have Adobe Acrobat installed to see most of the rate training materials.




C-9B/DC 9




HH/SH-60 H/F




Electronic Bibliography for the 2002 AMC exam
Offical site for the OPNAV 4790.2 series


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